Learn how to Debate, the British Parliamentary format

Are you one of the few out there who still don’t know what the British Parliamentary system of Debate is?

Or Probably, you already have an idea of what it is and just want to know more,  then visit this site as we bring to you a simple guide to the British Parliamentary Debate Format.


UNN makes History with the introduction of new course: BLOG 101

Well, I think that is what we should call the new cloak that has just covered the University of Nigeria since the Vice Chancellor had a meeting with stakeholders on creation of Blogs in the University. I call it a course because everyone in UNN now wants to learn how to blog. The University has even gone ahead to make available course manuals for the students.

List of UNN past Vice Chancellors

Hello our Amiable Lions and Lionesses! We sincerely apologize for the short break…this was not intentional as we are currently working on a lot of things in order to continue to serve you better. That said, let me ask you, do you know the Past Vice Chancellors of UNN? Well, I can bet with my…

We are moving from UNN INFOdirect

To our esteemed readers and fans out there, there comes a time when you just have to part with that you love… as nostalgic as it seems, that time has come for us to part with UNN INFOdirect to a more independent and reliable brand. This is all in the quest to serve you better.…