About Us


We are a team of passion-driven individuals. As an Organisation, DENpedia is the brainchild of IFEGWU-MBONU VICTOR C. and started off as a petty Campus Media Organization until its metamorphosis into a phenomenon it is today.

It could be said that DENpedia began full media operations on Saturday, 1st of April, 2017. It first started off under the name UNN INFOdirect until the Management decided on a name change due to certain issues with the name. DENpedia was primarily set up to bridge the gap between the informed and the uninformed in the den while providing detailed, critical and objective analysis of issues within the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. This is why DENpediaonly provides local content to the University of Nigeria Community, because we believe that charity should always begin from home.


To chart a new course towards the practice of journalism in the UNN by bringing in a whole new dimension to campus reportage in the den; and to be the leading Press organization in the Den through a concerted effort of our TEAM MEMBERS.


To practice journalism on campus in a dimension and manner never known in the history of the Den.

To attain professionalism in the way and manner in which we present news, issues and opinions towards the advancement of the school community.

To raise a team of seasoned journalists that could stand the test of time, not only in the Den, even in the macro society.

To represent what the University seeks to achieve — to seek truth and to teach truth.

To provide support to the school’s administration towards the attainment of its laid down goals while maintaining our independence.


Keeping the Windows always open.